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Video Intercom Vega X

intercom system access control

Vega X Video Intercom allows your organization to secure the premises and only allow approved personnel to access private areas of the building. Residents and authorized personnel can access the building using pin codes or facial recognition. Any organization with areas or assets which should not be accessible to everyone, or a need to audit who goes where and when, will benefit from installing a smart intercom system.

Vega X Video Intercom is the secure management of people as they move through a building or site and allows visitors to seamlessly access through a door with convenience. There is no restriction when it comes to intercom system - it can operate at any time of the day since it is a plug and play solution.





In a number of today's high-profile buildings, private facilities and residential communities’ access to the premises is restricted. Many have gated entry points that require validation before a person can access the premises.


Only a few requirements are needed to integrate smart intercom to your premises:

  • Credential

  • Reader/controller

  • Door hardware that opens and closes the lock

  • Cloud based software is optional (allows administrators to access smart access control systems from any internet connected device)

Smart Video Intercom in 4 simple steps:

  1. Authentication of visitors credentials

  2. Authorization using the reader/controller

    • Enter a secure access pin provided by administrator

    • Facial recognition

  3. Allows or denies access to visitor by sending an instruction to the door hardware to unlock the entry point

  4. Self-manage the smart access control system using a cloud-based software

    • Add/remove users

    • View recent activity

    • Set and manage visitor credentials

Guaranteed security

Intercom System eliminates trespassing from uninvited guests, which guaranteed a maximum level of security.

Reduce check-in time

Intercom System can reduce the time it takes to permit access to high volume of visitors.

Automate check-in process

Intercom System can save business owners money and time by automating the check-in process - reduce staff and streamline the whole process with no more confusion between staff and visitors.

Get rid of traditional keys

Intercom System replaces physical keys, so there is no need to search for keys or cards at the door anymore.

Create a safe work environment

Intercom System  keep a log of any visitor who enters the building. Keep your premises safe by having knowledge of who is in the building at all times.


Smart Intercom


Motion Sensor

Used to sense a burglar and send an alert to your control panel, which gives an alert to your monitoring center. Motion sensors react to different movement, conserve energy by using this sensor lighting in empty spaces.


For door control, for gate control, RS-485 is used for low speed data communications, requires minimal wiring, it is used in building automation and is ideal for joining remote devices, it can be used to control video surveillance systems.


Measures the linear acceleration of the access control device, it could be used for display rotation, detecting the change in direction and rate of change.

intercom system access control

Ambient Sensor

Used as backlighting controls for Vega X and by automatically adjusting display brightness, they can conserve battery life, which is a key benefit.

Echo Cancelling Chipset

Used in intercoms would improve voice quality by preventing echo from being created or removing it after it is already present.


Allow objects, even human beings to be identified, located, and tracked using radio frequency signals An RFID access-control system requires no physical contact between the RFID tag and the RFID reader. It is faster, more convenient, and more robust than systems requiring keys or magnetic swipe cards.


GPIO pins allow device to be configured for different purposes and work with several types of components.



2 x5Wステレオスピーカー



Smart Intercom




I / Oカバー(ケーブル管理)



2 Megapixel Camera

For video recording and face detection. It could also be used for surveillance, video calling or other video communication.









Smart Intercom


Video Intercom mounting options



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