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Mobile Device Management MDM Software Star Control

リモート管理。すべてのデバイス。 1つのプラットフォーム。

すべてのGloryStarデバイスを同時にリモート管理し、1つのプラットフォームでユーザーリクエストを体系的に更新および管理します。 Star Controlは、柔軟性を提供しながら、アクセス制御とメディア管理のセキュリティと効率を向上させます。

Star Control Mobile Device Management

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Mobile Device Management Solutions Star Control
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With healthcare organizations shifting towards electronic health records (EHRs), A  Device Management MDM solution can help you meet compliance standards while also ensuring that PHI remains secure from unauthorized access.


Mobile Device Management MDM solution track shipments and vehicle locations as well as maintain a history of locations traversed. It also lets you lock down corporate devices to specific apps and/or settings to prevent device misuse and ensure maximum productivity.


With more schools adopting tablet-based teaching methods, it is critical to manage these devices to ensure they are used only for learning and not accessing other software. Device Management MDM allows you to restrict access to certain webpages.


Features like digital signage, and self-service checkouts, mobile device management  can be used to restrict access to these applications.

Visibility on all your devices

Whether you are managing multiple device types or a mix of corporate-owned, Star Control Device Management MDM helps you protect apps, contents and data while managing user access and identity to ensure the right employees get the right access to data from the right devices.

Ease of deployment and scalability

Device Management MDM solutions can be deployed at your own scale, no matter one or 1000 devices can be deployed on the same platform and at your own speed.

Secure OS Control

Lockdown Android kiosk browsers, websites and apps to secure public use screens.

Time-saving automations

Save time by automating repetitive tasks like configuring Wi-Fi settings on devices or asking users to install certain apps, automatic device download.

Increased productivity

Manage devices over-the-air (OTA) without requiring any intervention from the user and without affecting productivity.




Star Control機能は、管理プロセスを強化するように設計されています。ロックダウン、通常のアクション、プログラムのインストールの承認、ライブラリへのアップロードを有効にします。

star control  mobile device management




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