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Queue Kiosk Tablet: Genki Sushi

Implemented in over 70+ stores using 300+ units (10.1", 15.6")

Originating in Japan, Genki Sushi is today the largest sushi chain in Hong Kong. Genki Sushi persists in selecting the freshest ingredients and providing the most professional services and original Japanese-style dining experience to dinners. They bring sushi within the reach of everyone.

The Problem

Genki Sushi had been implementing queuing systems with consumer Samsung tablets and have been facing with difficulties. The below are some of the challenges met:

1. Constant change of consumer tablet models caused re-investment in development and system upgrade which increased the cost to maintain the growth of the project.

2. Internet connection are dropped out at times due to unstable WIFI connection.

3. Receipt printer was necessary to be connected and a customized firmware on android platform was required for a stable performance.

4. Constant charging of the tablet caused the expansion of batteries and increased the defect rate.

The Solution

GAD101A- 10” JARVIS Commercial android tablet and NEB156- 15.6” Commercial Android Tablet.

With GAD101A and NEB156, customers could enter the number of dinning guest, a table would be allocated following a printed ticket and a message delivered to the guest’s phone when the table is ready. The 15.6inch Tablet was utilized as a display board displaying specials and queuing number. The benefits include:

The tablets are supported by Glory Star within 3-5 years of purchase, no re-development is required in their invested system.

Automatic detection of stronger signal between the LAN or WIFI when RJ45 LAN is connected.12V power cables are applied for steady performance.

Customized firmware on external modules such as printer allowed stable performance.

Mass deployment of tablets with one coherent operation is allowed.

Customer does not have to stand in front of the restaurant to wait for tables, they can move around until they receive a message notification.

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