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Kiosk Tablet: Whim Automotive

Retail e-catalog touch screen

5.0 out of 5 stars Very nice android tablets at a great price!

Item Purchased: NEB215 + WM015012S Wall mount

I was looking for a tablet to put in my auto parts store that would allow my customers to browse our website in the store. It took a few weeks but I am glad I found the Nebula tablet made by GloryStar. It has a 21.5" screen and looks really nice displayed in the store. I bought three initially and mounted them facing the customers in the sales area. I have one more on the way because I am impressed with them and they are exactly what I was looking for.

I am using them in kiosk mode which means I have the tablet locked to our website only and the customers cannot use any other functions. You can also lock the screen to a particular app or have it play a slideshow or loop videos. It is very versatile.

I would recommend them to anyone in a commercial environment looking to give access to your website or to display your photo slideshows or videos. It is a very smart and versatile tablet that is reactive to touch and has a bright display that is easy to read.

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