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STAR TOOL Press Release

May 2023

The Glory Star Staff

Introducing STAR TOOL: The Ultimate Open Source API to control Glory Star Hardware Control

What is it?
Hong Kong, March 24, 2023 - Glory Star, the leading manufacturer of cutting-edge touch tablet hardware, is excited to announce the release of STAR TOOL, a revolutionary app designed to put the power of Glory Star hardware control in the hands of developers everywhere.
STAR TOOL is an open source API that allows third party developers to control Glory Star hardware with ease. With open APIs for barcode, RFID, OTA updates, and more, developers can now build custom solutions that fully utilize the capabilities of Glory Star hardware. It offers a range of functionalities, including getting device information, performing model specific tests, configuring add-on modules and performing aging tests.
"We're thrilled to introduce STAR TOOL to the development community," said Glory Star Chief of Product, Hermann Cheung. "We believe that STAR TOOL will revolutionize the way developers think about hardware control, and we can't wait to see the amazing solutions that developers will create."

Why Star Tool?

Developers who use Star Tool can enjoy the benefits of an open source app with API that simplifies the control of their hardware.

Open Source: Star Tool is an open-source app with API, which means that developers can customize and modify the app to suit their specific needs. This makes it a flexible and versatile tool that can be adapted to a wide range of use cases.

Comprehensive Functionality: Star Tool offers a range of functionalities including getting device information, performing specific tests, configuring add-on modules and performing aging tests. This makes it a comprehensive tool that can handle a wide range of tasks related to hardware control and management.

Easy to Use: Star Tool is designed to be user friendly and easy to use, even for users with little or no technical expertise. The app has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and perform.

Reliable and Efficient: By providing access to detailed device information and range of specific tests, Star Tool ensures that the hardware is functioning correctly and optimally. This can help to improve product quality, reduce return and increase customer satisfaction.

How does it work?

Star Tool works by providing developers with a range of functionalities that enable them to control their hardware with ease.

1. Developers can get device information such as serial number, android versions, firmware versions, MAC address, WIFI MAC address, storages and RAM to gain better technical understanding to create more effective and efficient software solutions. In addition, this information can be used by customers to troubleshoot problems with their devices, as well as perform routine maintenance such as updating firmware or monitoring storage capacity.

2. Perform model specific tests, such as light strips, GPIO, Weigand, UART sensors and camera tests to ensure the hardware works specifically to your software and developers can verify that the product works as intended.

3. Easy configuration of Add-On Modules: Star Tool makes it easy for customers to configure add-on modules such as Barcode Modules, RFID Modules and Light Strips. With this feature, customers can customize their product to suit their specific needs and preferences

4. OTA Updates: Star Tool allows customers to download and install Over-The-Air ( OTA) updates for their hardware. This ensures that their product is up to date with the latest software and security patches.

5. Able to perform aging tests to ensure CPU, eMMC, DDR, video and timer are checked and measured. A report is generated to ensure the customers displays are functioning optimally.

How is it distinctive?

Star Tool stands out from other hardware control apps because it is an open source app with API that is easy to use. With Star Tool, developers, IT managers and business leaders can leverage a uniform and constantly growing set of tools over a broad set of applications.

Star Tool is a powerful tool that can be used to troubleshoot problems with your hardware to identify potential issues and ensure that your product is functioning properly.

Users can take advantage of Glory Stars expertise from years of development and customizations.

All these factors make it an excellent choice for developers and customers who need to control and manage their hardware efficiently.

Method of Distribution
From products ordered from April 30th, 2023, all devices delivered with STAROS will have STARTOOL embedded.

Where to buy:
Star Tool comes with all Android Platform devices that are manufactured by Glory Star, they are available worldwide from authorized distributors:

More Information:

About Glory Star
Glory Star is the pioneer of display screens and all-in-one touch interfaces. The company has more than 800,000 units of installation in fitness, retail, self-service and building automation industries globally. They offer customization of tablets, allowing you direct access to engineers with a broad selection of screens from 4.3” to 43”. We bring engagement to users through the use of tablet technology.

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