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April 9,2024

The Glory Star Staff


Hong Kong, 9 April 2024- Introducing Musea Software: A Cloud-Based Digital Signage Solution

Intelligent Signage Made Easy: A Hassle-Free Digital Signage Solution

What is it?

Digital Signage Software Musea is the most user-friendly, cloud-based digital signage software; developed by Glory Star. It enables businesses to effortlessly set up, manage, and deploy digital signage content from anywhere in the world. Accessed through the cloud, Musea Digital Signage Software allows users to remotely design, edit, and control the information and messages displayed on Glory Star’s Touch Screens as well as creating touch screen contents.

Why Digital Signage Software Musea?

Musea offers unparalleled accessibility and convenience for businesses. Unlike traditional on-premise digital signage systems, it can be used from anywhere. With software upgrades, services, and maintenance tasks handled by Glory Star, there is no need for dedicated IT managers and staff.

What does it do?

Musea Digital Signage Software provides a user-friendly, easy-to-use, online studio that simplifies the process of designing and managing digital signage content. It supports multiple file types, including images, videos, PDFs, Excel documents, and GIFs, allowing for versatile and engaging content creation. The software offers a wide range of features such as scheduling, dayparting, and playlist management; enabling users to customize and control when and how their content is displayed. Musea Signage Studio also supports screens of all orientations and sizes, ensuring compatibility with diverse device configurations.

Content Creation & Management: Intuitive tools and templates to create engaging digital signage content
Synchronized Content Distribution: Easily push content to all Glory Star Tablets across the organization
Remote Display Control: Centralized web-based interface to monitor, manage and troubleshoot the display network
Continuous Feature Updates: Regular updates to keep the digital signage solution innovative and cutting-edge
Seamless Star Control Integration: Official module that integrates directly with the existing Star Control infrastructure.
Easy Content Creation, Online Studio: Get ready to engage your audience. Musea Digital Signage Software offers state-of-the-art drag and drop functionality with a fast and intuitive interface.
Templates, Schedules, Playlist: Choose from our free templates, then combine your files including images and videos to create your perfect playlist. You can schedule when and where you want to display your content and at any time.
Create Touch Content: Create interactive touch content.
Supports Multiple File Online Studio: Upload your own images, videos, PDFs, EXCEL documents, GIFs, etc.
All Orientations and Sizes: Landscape and portrait mode support so you can display your content in whatever direction you need.
Free Digital Signage Templates: Pre-designed templates are available to facilitate the initial setup, including options specifically tailored for trial users.
Online Editor: No need to switch between apps, build your content directly on Musea Studio.
Whiteboard: Text boxOpen board (write anything on the screen)
Screen Zones: Splitting your screen into multiple zones gives you endless ways for displaying your content.
Remote Control Display: Musea Studio gives you the ability to remotely monitor, manage, and troubleshoot your distributed display network from a single, web-based interface.

How is it distinctive?

Musea Digital Signage Software stands out from the competition due to its unique features and benefits. The cloud-based infrastructure allows users to control their digital signage remotely, enhancing business efficiency and eliminating geographical limitations. Additionally, Musea Signage Studio offers a library of free digital signage templates and integrates with external objects, providing users with limitless customization options.

Where to buy:

Musea Digital Signage Software is available worldwide from authorized distributors:

Get Started with Musea Digital Signage Software:
Now available as an add on module for all Star Control subscribers
Visit to learn more
Contact the sales team to schedule a demo and discuss how Musea Digital Signage software can benefit your organization.

More Information:

About Glory Star
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