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JULY 2020

Glory Star

40 Year Anniversary of Glory Star Group:
Touch Tablet Company Thriving in Unexpected Conditions

Glory Star Group was formed in a time where huge technological advancements were made and continues to thrive by adapting to the trends in technology. Mr. Cheung, the founder of Glory Star Group, after graduation from National Taipei University of Technology, moved to Hong Kong at the age of 25 with USD200 in his pocket and a passion for success. The business in its early stages started by trading calculators and smoothly transitioned to reselling the world's first cell phone, the Motorola DynaTAC 8000M. Weighing in at 2 pounds (picture this - the heaviest phone at the moment is the iPhone Pro Max weighing at 0.49 pounds!), it was one of the biggest breakthroughs in technology and the hefty price tag to acquire one was $3,995 USD at the time.

However, sales on cell phones started to dwindle and it was decided that the company would need to pivot in order to move forward. New developments in the company lead to the addition of Mr. Cheung’s children. Hermann Cheung graduated with a Master’s degree in HKUST in Engineering Management, and a mechanical engineering degree from California State University. Cindy Cheung graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from University of London and a Business Degree from University of Hong Kong. In addition to the growing team at Glory Star, it was decided that the new company vision was to develop Android tablets. It didn’t take long before Glory Star became one of the pioneers for touch screen tablets and as of today has installed over 600,000 worldwide.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, sales quickly declined and it was starting to look bleak for businesses worldwide. During dinnertime Hermann and Cindy started questioning the lackluster experience of getting manually checked by the waiter at the front door of a local restaurant. Little did they know a simple dinner discussion between brother and sister was the start of TAURI, a highly customizable temperature checking tablet. With marketing, research and development, a highly sought after product was released into the market and the company became busier than ever before.

The Cheung’s are extremely grateful for being able to sustain Glory Star Group in this time and want to encourage everyone that there is still hope even in these tough times. In the meanwhile, Glory Star Group has decided to give back to their community and will be donating face masks to seniors who have difficulty obtaining or affording them.

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