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Sharing information in real-time unlocks a new communication channel with more potential than ever. Your display screens become relevant and offer real-time information for your students, staff, or visitors at any time.

School Check In 

With our Nebula Android or ULTRON Windows Tablet line of products, you can easily secure any check in software browser or link to our devices to allow school check in. 

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Library Kiosk 

A library kiosk can eliminate any paper-based transactions, alongside providing a quick, accessible means for visitors to search the newest additions to the library, keep track of the books they borrow and review titles they've read.

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Teachers Room Signage 

 Signage is a very important investment for any school, university or other educational institution.  It can keep students and teachers actively engaged, informed about the latest news, events and activities in the school. The Glory Star Infinitus 32inch and 43inch series together with Star Control MDM allows you to turn your school webpage, apps or videos in kiosk mode, making it easy to update contents. 


Classroom Schedule Signage 

Glory Star Nebula Plus or JARVIS Meeting Room Tablet allows you to use any meeting room software that supports Android to create your own classroom  booking solution that simplifies your  booking process.  The LED lighting  allows you to see at glance the status of the classroom ensuring students and staff  to swiftly locate a class room without wasting valuable productivity time.

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