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Volkswagen Group: Showroom display

Volkswagen Group selected Glory Star’s Nebula commercial tablet to enhance customer experience in car showrooms across Turkey

The Problem

Volkswagen Group, with its headquarters in Wolfsburg Germany, wanted to enhance the customer’s experience in their car showrooms in Turkey. They wanted to use an interactive touch display so customers could choose their preferences through multiple options and then display the resulting information on the secondary screen. They were looking for a partner that had the following capabilities:
Programming tablets to display the selected choice answers on the secondary screen.
Providing quality and durable commercial tablets that can withstand the public environments.

The Glory Star 15.6inch Nebula Commercial Tablet and a 10inch secondary open frame display screen was implemented to show the dynamic resulting information as follows:
The benefits of the Glory Star Commercial Tablet:
The digital display is able to inform, entertain, educate and communicate with customers in the car showroom.
There is a clear visual display of information.
The touch interactive display allows customers to select colors, accessories and other features and find the answers about the car directly through the display like pricing and availability.
It is entertaining and intuitive.
For those customers who prefer to shop without the pressure of a salesperson, digital signage display allows them the freedom to browse without the need for assistance.
As a customer becomes increasingly familiar with using interactive digital displays, it helps enhance brand awareness and recognition.

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