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Quick Service Restaurant

Mohammad Ghaziri, a Beiruti citizen, established Barbarin 1979 amid the intensity of the Lebanese war. Ghaziri started with a small man’ousheh bakery to serve residents in his city. The shop, which opened facing the landmark Piccadilly theater in the heart of Beirut, gained fame from its varieties of man’ousheh: thyme, minced meat and cheese. Barbar’s hit was the man’ousheh with super melting akkawi cheese, deliciously topped with sesame seeds; the man’oushehw became famous.


Glory Star first asked Barbar Restaurant what type of CPU processor requirements were necessary to run their POS platform. Their POS platform managed every aspect of the restaurant from taking orders to managing inventory and more. Glory Star recommended the ULTRON 15inch and ULTRON 215 J1900 to be used as a POS tablet at the order taking terminal as well as the kitchen display. The Ultron is able to withstand the kitchen environment and allowing the chef to quickly read the orders on the screen.

By using the ULTRON Windows Tablet for Barbar restaurant, it has provided the following benefits:

Integrated all their business processes and managed their restaurant with a simple interface.
There is a solution for ordering, communicating with the kitchen, and bill payments; everything you need is on the screen.
It has replaced printer & paper based systems.
The kitchen display system replaces old printer and paper based systems, eliminated the cost for printer consumables
improving the communication between the kitchen and the front of the house staff.
it provided quicker turnaround time, less mistakes, and more satisfied customers.
Easy installation with less cabling.
Kitchen space is often sparse but the ULTRON Windows Tablet units are compact and designed to fit in many different locations.
Glory Star ULTRON Windows Tablet is VESA compatible and can be installed on a pole, wall or hang from the ceiling.
The all-in-one solution (PC and display integrated in one unit) reduces the amount to cabling.
Glory Star ULTRON Windows Tablet supports a second display, which makes installation easier and saves money

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