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Musea Digital Signage Software Studio is the most user-friendly cloud-based digital signage software developed by Glory Star. It enables businesses to effortlessly set up, manage and deploy digital signage content from anywhere in the world. Accessed through the cloud, Musea Digital Signage  Studio allows users to remotely design, edit and control the information and messages displayed on Glory Star's Screens as well as creating touchscreen contents. 


Digital Signage in 3 Easy Steps:

  • Pair Your Device - Register a MUSEA Signage Studio Account. Generate a PIN Code and type on the touchscreen you have created.

  • Add Content - Explore our apps and integrations, upload your preferred content, or craft directly using our designer tool.

  • Assign to Display - Effortlessly sync screens using your computer - just hit "Push to device".


Top Notch Features:

  • EASY CONTENT CREATION - MUSEA Studio offers state-of-the-art drag and drop functionality with a fast and intuitive interface.

  • SUPPORTS MULTIPLE FILE - Upload your own images, videos, PDFs, EXCELS documents and GIFs, etc.

  • ONLINE EDITOR - No need to switch between apps. Build your content directly on MUSEA STUDIO.

  • CREATE INTERACTIVE TOUCH CONTENTS - Design your boards, designate touch areas, and establish connections to determine the corresponding design board when those areas are touched.


MUSEA Digital Signage Software Features:

  • FREE TEMPLATES - Use our free templates, then combine your files to create your perfect playlist.

  • SCREEN ZONES - Splitting screen into multiple zones gives you endless ways for displaying your content.

  • SCREEN ORIENTATIONS - Landscape and Portrait . You can display your content in whatever direction you need.

  • WHITEBOARD - Text Box Open Board. You can write anything on the screen.

  • SCHEDULING CONTENT - You can schedule when and where you want to display your content at any time.

  • WORK OFFLINE - Download content to your devices so your screens can still run even with bad internet connection.

  • LIVE STREAMING - Add any video, your organization channel, or a specific playlist. Live video streaming from Youtube and Ustream.

  • INTEGRATION WITH APPS - Integrate your apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google.

  • MANAGE PLAYLIST - Combine your files including images, videos to create and manage playlist.

  • CONNECT TO STAR CONTROL - Connect to Star Control Platform to enhanced Mobile Device Management (MDM) features.

MUSEA Digital Signage Software

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